SIG Dialogic Teaching and Learning (preliminary name)


Upcoming Online Meeting: June 12, 2023

Dear all,

We hope this e-mail finds you well, and we hope to see you in our online meeting in the ARLE SIG: Dialogic Teaching and Learning to explore what kind of interest we find in this SIG about dialogical approach in the L1 subject, and what kinds of formats for the SIG-work will meet these interests. The meeting will take place on Zoom Monday, June 12th, 2023, 13-15 hours (1-3 PM) Copenhagen time. Zoom link to the event [].

After the cancellation of the SIG-seminar in June, we consider ourselves a Special Interest Group at least until June 2024, but we are in a phase where we are looking for good formats that make sense for all of us in the future.

For the full invitation and program, please click here.

Mission Statement (preliminary):

This SIG is a forum for L1 researchers with an affinity to “the spirit of dialogue” in L1 teaching. Participants with seemingly different research interests are welcome to join our work and ambitions aiming for dialogic teaching and learning in L1 classrooms.

Quotes from preliminary objective:

Ideas about developing education from teacher-centred authority towards an emphasis on student participation are not new. However, making real and sustainable change in educational practice is challenging, and these old ideas are still far from realised. [...] This emphasis on language is rooted in an understanding of learning as a process of interpretation and adaptation rather than as transmission, rooted social practices and dialogic interaction. A shift from transmission to interpretation in teaching is necessary if we are to succeed in making any substantial change in the social organisation of classrooms and schools – i.e., the social practices of schools, classrooms and disciplines that determine the conditions for student participation. (See more information here.)

Previous events:

2021: First meeting was online August 30th. Please find minutes as slides with agenda, notes, discussion notes and agreements here.

2019. See the minutes from the Meeting in Dialogue SIG under ARLE-association, June 2019, in Lisbon.

2013. See the minutes/report from the first initiative in 2013 by Susan Brindley.