ARLE Conferences

ARLE organizes biannual worldwide international conferences about the learning and teaching of L1 (in some regions referred to as Language arts). See an overview of current and earlier conferences.

14th ARLE Conference: Melbourne, Australia, 2024

Conference site University of Melbourne, Australia, the Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Conference website ARLE Conference 2024 website
Team Chair: Professor Larissa McLean Davies
Dates PhD Pre-conference: June 18, 2024
Main conference: June 19-21, 2024
Schools and teachers day: June 22, 2024
Open for proposals YES. See third and final Call for Symposia and Papers. Please submit proposals on the ARLE Conference Platform.
Deadline submissions 1 December 2023 at 23:59 Melbourne (GMT+12). [Notifications by 31 December 2023]
Members' General Meeting TBA
Registration Fees Conference 2024 Fees

13th ARLE Conference: Cyprus, 2022

Conference site University of Cyprus, Nicosia
Conference website ARLE Conference 2022
Team Chair: Stavroula Kontovourki
Dates Main conference: June 15-17, 2022
PhD Pre-conference: June 14, 2022
Open for proposals June 15, 2021  (Submittal on conference platform)
Deadline submissions November 1, 2021
Members' General Meeting June 15, 3:00-4:00 PM, See invitation
Registration Fees Conference 2022 Fees

12th ARLE Conference
The 12th ARLE Conference was held in Lisbon (Portugal) in June, 2019

Conference venue FCSH Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
Conference website ARLE 2019
Team Chair: Maria Antónia Coutinho
Dates Main conference: 26-28 June 2019, PhD Pre-conference: 25 June (afternoon), Research School: 24-25 June 2018
Open for proposals September 2018
Deadline submissions December 15th 2018
Members' General Meeting June 28, 2019, more information here

L1! - The ARLE keynote

Ever since the founding of the IAIMTE by Dutch scholar Gert Rijlaarsdam and Australian scholar Ken Watson in 1996 our bi-annual conferences offered a platform for encounters with research in L1-education from all over the world. A major aim since then has been to bring together researchers from various linguistic and national communities. L1 research no longer takes place in splendid isolation. Instead, the field is thoroughly enriched via international exchange. At the same time, it faces the challenges of education in a globalised world: L1! – The ARLE keynote puts languages, literatures and literacies first, thus recognizing their central role in education. To relate research in L1 and the development of teaching in a beneficial way is a central notion: Thus, we strive at supporting dialogue between research and practice. The L1!-ARLE Keynote focuses upon a central theme of L1 in this spirit: Meeting current and changing challenges of L1-education via thorough research and engaging in rich cooperation with teacher educaters, teachers and teaching is key to the work of Gert Rijlaarsdam, who delivered the first keynote of this series at the 12th ARLE conference in Lisbon, June 26, 2019:

(1) Gert Rijlaarsdam, L1-education research that informs practice. Three research models applied for writing research. Lisbon, NOVA FCSH, June 26, 2019. Abstract


11th ARLE conference

The 11th ARLE International Conference was held in Talliin (Estonia), June 2017, including PhD preconference and Research School.

Former conferences were in Amsterdam (1997; 1999, 2001), Lisbon (2003), Albi (2005), Exeter (2007), Toronto (2009), Hildesheim (2011), Paris (2013), Odense (2015).

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2003 Lisbon Abstract book Photos
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2011 Hildesheim Abstract Photos
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