SIG Writing, Reading & Oracies

Announces: seminar 'Focus on Oracy'

The aim of the seminar is to discuss in depth research on the improvement of oral skills and research on the use of oral skills in all kinds of learning tasks in L1-education. We also invite research in the measurement of oral skills or the use of oral tasks for measurement. Download the call for contributions for more information

Conference venue

Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching

15 minutes by train from Schiphol Airport

Conference system ARLE seminar 2018
Team Anneke Wurth (Leiden, NL), Byeonggon Min (Seoul, South Korea), Gert Rijlaarsdam (Amsterdam, NL)
Dates April 3-5, 2018
Open for proposals September 2017
Deadline submissions November19th, 2017
Notifications of acceptance December 15th, 2017


SIG “Reading, Writing and Oracy“ focuses on written-based skills (reading and writing) and on oral-based skills (listening and speaking), the latter less intensively researched, and on their relationship in mother tongue. All these skills have to be acquired up to a certain ability to manage and solve real communication problems in the complex modern society in the 21th century.
That is the reason why the SIG will discuss the following main issues from various perspectives:

  • research on competencies
  • methodological approaches to measurements and
  • examples of best practice for improvement.
The members of the sig will cooperate in organizing conferences, and in advocating issues.


Actions in the past

  • SIG conference in Hong Kong in June 2014.
  • SIG symposia at 10th IAIMTE conference in Denmark in June 2015.
  • Special issue of L1 on challenges of students from low SES and/or with multicultural experiences in understanding and speaking, reading and writing.

Future Actions

Seminar Focus on Oracy in spring 2018 (Netherlands).


Jesper Bremholm, Denmark
Assistant professor of domain specific literacy at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University

Elina Harjunen, Finland
Head of Unit in Finnish Education Evaluation Centre, Helsinki

Astrid Neumann, Germany
Professor of Teaching and Learning German Language at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg. Information:

Report business meeting Tallinn

Meeting: June 17th 2017, during the 11th  ARLE conference 2017, Tallinn
Chair and notes: Elina Harjunen

1. Coordinators
At the meeting prof. Jesper Bremholm ( expressed that he would be interested in taking the role as coordinator. Dr. Elina Harjunen informed that she would be willing to continue as coordinator. The other functioning coordinator, Dr. Astrid Neumann, did not participate in this year’s conference and thus the SIG meeting. It remains to be clarified if she continues as coordinator of the SIG.
2. Actions
2.1. Instigated by a suggestion made by Jesper Bremholm is was discussed at the meeting whether it would be a good idea to divide the SIG into two SIGs, one for oracy (oral language) and one for written language (literacy) in order to make the purpose and focus of the SIG more clear. At the meeting there was no real backing for this idea, one of the main arguments from the delegates being that it is a special strongpoint for the SIG that these two areas of research and teaching are not considered as separate domains. The name and organization of the SIG remains as it is.
2.2 It was a wish among the delegates that more attention should be directed to oracy in the SIG.
2.3. Seminar. Following 2.2 it was agreed that the SIG should organize a seminar on oracy in the Spring of 2018. Organizing team: Anneke Wurth (Leiden Netherlands), Byeonggon Min (Seoul, South Korea), and Gert Rijlaarsdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands).
2.4 Following the proposal of Janina Vernal Schmidt it was agreed to make a Linkedin group for the members of the SIG. Janina will set up the group.     
2.5 Delegates discussed different possibilities for collaborative research and using the SIG network for research support.



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