ARLE Conferences

ARLE organizes biannual worldwide international conferences about the learning and teaching of language and literature and continues the practice that IAIMTE set.

Next ARLE Conference: Lisbon (Portugal), 2019

Conference venue to be announced
Conference website ARLE 2019 (to add)
Team to be announced
Dates June 2019, PhD Pre-conference, Research School
Open for proposals September 2018
Deadline submissions December 15th 2018

More information soon


11th IAIMTE conference

The 11th IAIMTE International Conference was held in Talliin (Estonia), June 2017, PhD preconference, and h Research School. Taste the atmosphere, visit the photos made by Helin Puksand.

Former conferences were in Amsterdam (1997; 1999, 2001), Lisbon (2003), Albi (2005), Exeter (2007), Toronto (2009), Hildesheim (2011), Paris (2013), Odense (2015).

1997 Amsterdam Sessions, abstracts Photos
1999 Amsterdam Abstract book Photos
2001 Amsterdam Abstract book Photos
2003 Lisbon Abstract book Photos
2005 Albi Abstract book Photos
2007 Exeter Abstract book Photos
2009 Toronto Abstract book Photos
2011 Hildesheim Abstract Photos
2013 Paris Abstract book Photos
2015 Odense Abstract book Photos
2017 Tallinn Abstract Book Photos


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